The Peer-to-Peer Life Counter for Magic: The Gathering

  • Lifelink is a life counter for Magic: The Gathering
  • The catch? Any changes on one device…
  • …instantly sync to the others over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth!
  • Good luck!

Lifelink is the only life counter app for Magic: The Gathering that lets you connect with nearby players to sync scores; changes for all players instantly appear on your device and theirs.


  • Take advantage of local and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth to connect nearby players.
  • Free to keep track of two-player games. Unlimited players or planeswalkers available with in-app purchase.
  • Opponent doesn’t have Lifelink? Add a local player to track his/her score.
  • Designed and optimized for iOS 7.

A proud Pandamonia product.

In collaboration with Wylie Conlon.

Available on the App Store