• Backgammon with Buddies icon
    Backgammon with Buddies

    Backgammon with your buddies, both near and far.

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  • Babelgum Translator icon
    Babelgum Translator

    The in-line vocabulary translator for iOS.

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  • Lifelink icon

    A life counter for Magic: The Gathering that connects nearby players’ devices to display scores.

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  • Hydr8 icon

    An Apple Health-enabled, easy-to-use water intake tracker.

  • Lexicon Romanum icon
    Lexicon Romanum

    The first native, bidirectional Latin dictionary for macOS for searching both English and Latin phrases.

  • Bark for Growl icon
    Bark for Growl

    A plug-in for Growl to create a bridging solution between the existing Growl app and the then new Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion. Deprecated in favor of the built-in technology.

    Cult of Mac
  • BlocksKit icon

    A utility toolkit for working with Objective-C blocks. It aimed to add further block-based helpers to otherwise more difficult tasks.

  • Acey Deucey 2 icon
    Acey Deucey 2

    A simple betting game from my summer camp. My first iOS app. Built for iOS 4 and updated for iOS 5.

  • Dot Matrix icon
    Dot Matrix

    A simple dice game from middle school math class. My first fully functional app.